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BLOG CAMP PUNE 2 : Reaction continue

So here i am back with a week old topic BLOGCAMP PUNE 2

After my initial post there were a lot of blogger typing down there thoughts on the event.

Started with Tarun chandel’s Post BlogCamp Pune Self-Analysis kit”,  enhanced by Dhananjay Nene’s word in Why I was disappointed with Pune Blog Camp 2, more thoughts added to it by Mahendra Palsule @ Pune Blog Camp 2: Reflections. and a lot more to it by blog’s listed here

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BLOG camp Pune : an overview

Blog camp pune (27th june 2009) So finally i was able to attend the first unconference of my life and as expected it was fun filled day as a large gathering turned up with varied flavours in blogging. When i entered in i was a bit uncomfortable but on my way to the 7th floor of atur center i met Shahid Mukadam another blogger offcourse who claims to have a cheesy name for his blog and hence was a bit shy to publically say it loud( if you want to know just hover over his name), then along with him i came in contact with Abhinav Sonkar (another techMighty) and Himanshu Chanda of BizDharma Along with us was Sachin more And then at around 10:05 AM the conference started. Tarun Chandel kicked the event with an introduction to BLOGCAMP concept and then moving on to what and why’s of blogging.The best part was

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some blog updates

IF you might have noticed,

the left hand side has a new widget,

my google reader shared item’s are now accessible through my blog.

shifted the hosting so feedburner is now fully working.

most of my time these days was spent on my latest project’s including currently launched linux gurus forum

I hope to get some more time for blogging now.

Claim Your StumbleUpon Blog through Technorati

NOTE : after change in technorati this method is not checked, so will not say that this is currently a working method.


Heres an interesting tip that you probably haven’t thought of yet. In fact, this will increase the number of links to your StumbleUpon blog, and will automatically increase the link juice to every page that you add, review, or Stumble using the StumbleUpon service.

First, you need to make sure that you have an account at Technorati. You’ll also want to make sure that you have an account at StumbleUpon.

Next, go here to start your claim. Enter your StumbleUpon home page, which will be something like

Once you enter the blog URL, you’ll get a confirmation screen. It will look like this:


Next, click on Use Post Claim » link on the left, the part in green. That will get you to another screen that looks like this:


open a new tab in your browser or a new window and go to your StumbleUpon profile (mine is Edit a recent review or click on the “post new blog” link. Copy the code that Technorati gave you (the a href link code) and paste into a new blog post at StumbleUpon.

Next, go back to Technorati and click on release the spiders. Once the Technorati spiders have confirmed that you’ve added the code to your StumbleUpon blog, then you an re-edit the review to remove the Technorati claim code or delete the blog post.

That’s it! You’ve now claimed your StumbleUpon blog with Technorati.

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