Mastering the Essential Skills for the Digital Age

Uncover the power of four essential digital-age skills: variable speed reading, enhanced typing speed, sustained focus, and critical thinking. Learn practical tips for honing these abilities, driving productivity and success in the rapidly-evolving digital landscape.

OSINT on Decentralised / Federated Softwares (Mastodon, Pixelfed and more)

Decentralized federated social medium (aka fediverse) is the talk of the town especially with the twitter drama that’s unfolding right now. To know more about fediverse softwares is the best list of softwares. I was curious about OSINT activities that are possible with this ecosystem. I have been spending some time exploring mastodon, pixelfed …

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Individual Contributors in corporate world: my observations

In this article I would like to explore the idea of Individual contributors and various notes and references I was able to collect so far. Continuing my observations from Richard Hamming’s “You and Your Research” . There is a section where a specific personality defect is explained termed “ego assertion“.

Cybersecurity: Passion or Profession

This blog post takes notes from an excellent talk by “Richard Hamming” called “You and Your research” full transcript here. Its interesting how some talks leave a mark and you derive your own conclusions and way forward when you spend enough time thinking about the topic. Over a period of time my thought’s have changed …

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