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I have been using this great plugin by Alex King named as 404-notifier.

This plugin has one specific role and that is to find 404 error on your website and then notify it to you by RSS or E-mail.

But the e-mail generated are not of much use as it tells me only one part of story i.e. URL that was hit and got 404.

So i modified the code and now it makes a lot of sense and gives me some inside on what is actually happening.

So my latest code and send out messages with following details. (providing Pic of the sample message.)

and i have been using this for past 1 yr on my blog. so what exactly i can get from this extra info.

If the link is not refereed by any page then it means that link is either marked as bookmark or some automated bot is trying to access the URL.

User Agents tells a lot more about who is accessing the link.

and just in case you don’t what to be irritated by a perticular user you always have his I.P. address to block him in htaccess.

So i have launched the modifed code at 404-notifier @ google code

hope this code can help someone.

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