a fabulus tech day

well what can i say about this day of 25th feb,

a lot of tech events happened which can easily get any techno enthusiast get back to action

just the same  happened with me.

some of today’ highlight.

1) Pakistan’s attempt to block youtube resulting in worldwide downtime for youtube.

A simple quote i read some where said, if you can’t then don’t, this applies clearly on Pakistan’s tech team, whose action resulted in the complete blockage of the most popular video site for many hours.

2) Linkedin getting mobile version rolled out.

So finally a much awaited feature is out, with sites getting a lot of Jscript based, its getting increasingly uncomfortable to open them on mobiles hence  a good decesion.

3) EA sports bidding for take-two resulting in share hike for take-two

EA sports putted a unsolisatewd bid for take two interactives (GTA and tycoon famed, although it was put down quiockly by take two but it affected in a very good style to take-two with its shares soaring high. registering as high as 50% profit.

4) Adobe alunching AIR : an effort to bring some air for flash platform.

with constant treats from silverlight and AJAX, flash was getting some severe burns this could help in healing them also

5) Intel launcing its 8 core pc paltform

now this could be an attempt to compete with the new barcelona architectire and future paln’s announced few mothns ago by amd, as well as apple’s latest offering

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  1. Wow dude. I was seriously wondering why youtube had downtime then, because they honestly did that out of the blue. I really like it how you gathered a bunch of interesting articles and put them together. I’ll be sure to come back and tell me friends about your blog too.

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