Hi, My name is Anant Shrivastava. Details on my professional life could be accessed on my Linked in Profile available here http://linkedin.com/in/anantshri

In My Personal Life and opionions, I am a strive to be a passionate follower of GNU / Linux,  Open-Source and Free Software movement. I am deeply inclined towards Web 2.0, Android and simmilar technologies.

I have a bachelors Degree in Electronics and Instrumentation (graduated in 2008), I have not invested in higher education after that however i do possess multiple industry certifications, the list of the certificates as of now would be

  • RHCE
  • CEH

On non technical fronts i love reading books (partial bookshelf here : http://www.shelfari.com/anantshri/shelf) and watching movies (online list should be available in some time of movies i have watched or books i have read)



12 thoughts on “About

  1. Mahendra Kariya

    Gr8 work…

    All engineers should do something like this. I really appreciate ur work. I am even impressed that u are looking for more traffic on ur blog.

    I think that u can build your own website as well alongwith a blog. If there is one kindly notify me.


  2. Anirudh Goel

    Hi anant.. nice work.. am impressed with your work. can u assist me in developing me in my website.

  3. Anant Khaitan

    Hi! remember me.. well highly impressed with your site.. adding your blog in my blog roll .. I thing i would like to mention, I am also a Bhopali now : 2nd year in MANIT

  4. techsta

    Wow, this site is nice and clean and easy to follow with a ton of info. Hey and thanks for taking the time out to have a pretty good conversation. In future if I run a blogroll I will add you as no doubt I will be back. So i thumbed you up on stumble :). Keep up the great posts here.

  5. Jan J

    I also really like your blog, congrats ! and I would like to support you with some hosting if you need, feel free to contact me. Regards Jan

  6. Vijay Ganesh Iyer

    Hi Anant,
    As usual another great work in the form of this website. And also thanks for the support you give to your teammates, friends and whoever the person needs any suggestion, you are always there.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

    Regards Vijay Ganesh


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