BLOG CAMP PUNE 2 : Reaction continue

So here i am back with a week old topic BLOGCAMP PUNE 2

After my initial post there were a lot of blogger typing down there thoughts on the event.

Started with Tarun chandel’s Post BlogCamp Pune Self-Analysis kit”,  enhanced by Dhananjay Nene’s word in Why I was disappointed with Pune Blog Camp 2, more thoughts added to it by Mahendra Palsule @ Pune Blog Camp 2: Reflections. and a lot more to it by blog’s listed here

  1. sandeep @ mousetrap
  2. BlogCamp Pune 2 – Overview : By rahul Bansal
  3. aniket shaed his feeling here
  4. deep ganatra raising a concern shared by a lot of people
  5. nikhil verma shared his Experiance here
  6. and a contrast thoughts of a personal blogger by henna achhpal here asking What’s in it for personal blogger.

All these has a lot of different reaction on me while on one side i was thinking it went all right coz i had no expectations earlier as i already said but then it could have a been a lot of fun just by adding some more to it. and then a fundamental question struck to me, its not just work of un- conference un-organizers to deal with this what was your contribution to it. And then i was dumb-stuck for sometime but then came up with list of topics i can contribute to or discuss about

  • Peek into wordpress plugin development (basic intro) based on  My profiles plugin(still under development)
  • WordPress customization tips including (speed enhancement)
  • Changing world of internet with web 2.0 / 3.0 and its importance to us. (intro to web 2.0 for those new to this concept)
  • A peek into the world of blogging clients. I am talking about clients not servers. (ex scribefire or bleezer or flock)
  • Why i still blog even though i am also lot more then just active @ twitter, orkut, facebook or what not.

And as a headstart i will try posting some material related to these on my blog also
So how are you going to contribute to the camp next time??

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