blog speed enhancement attempts

I have been trying to deal with these problem for a long time

  1. front page loading speed.
  2. size of the front page in KB.
  3. Limit calls to external url’s
  4. and a lot more suggestion’s given by Yslow

After week’s of efforts i think now my front page is considerably faster.

Note : need comments from visitors if my assumption is right or wrong.

Now i am listing my speed up attempts.

  1. After looking at the whole theme that i am using now its a modified glossy blue by N Design Studio for 3 columns and as i am using this theme exclusively for my blog and in not any mood to change it sooner. so i went ahead and actually made a lot of PHP calls to static mainly call’s looking for blog name and link location as well as path’s (mark my words this means i am reducing dbase connection in turn reducing load on server)
  2. Then i went on and reduced a lot of plugin’s like one plugin i was using exclusively to add my twitter feed in the feed’s list i removed it and add static reference in header.php
  3. Next i went to one aspect of by blog i.e. widget’s, earler i used to have a large array of liked images from lot many blogcolelctions but now i have reduced them down (currently 1) which also i am thinking of removing.
  4. but in case you do need those then atleast make sure that imge is on your server so that external server call can be reduced.
  5. Next stop was my sociable plugin, in those early days of socializing i was not satisfied with all those icons also, but now as the focus is now one content so off goes my long list of sociable icon’s currently reduced to 6 only and that too not being displayed on cover page.
  6. now working on how to reduce JS call’s and CSS by tying to combine then in minimum possible files.

working on more to speed it up even more will be back with more updates on it soon.

1 thought on “blog speed enhancement attempts”

  1. The site loading speed also depends on the plugins you are using (for wordpress sites). If you are using too many plugins it can also affect your site loading.

    Furthermore if you are adding some scripts to your site you should put them on “footer” because if for any reason they are not working they will stop the site from loading.. if they will be on footer the user can see the site at least.
    .-= Jahangir´s last blog ..12+ Amazing Sandwich Art =-.

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