Book i read recently : Blogging for begineers

I recently brought a book thinking it might give me someips on how to improve blogging habbits, and boy i was not wrong to select Blogging for begineers : by Margaret stead.

This book is an amazing art, it starts with asking simplest question of all


and then moves on to show how you can find topics to blog on, also find the nich you could servive on.

and then it moves on to the all esential point, what are the advantages of blogging.

1) how you can monotize your blog

2) how your blog can help you get better oportunities.

3) and most important of all how can you keep our spirits high even when you think you are shouting in forest.

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2 thoughts on “Book i read recently : Blogging for begineers”

  1. Hi,

    Anant, why purchased the book.. i think it would have been available on net… well do tell me what you have learned from this book..and how to moentize my blog to genrate a handsome income to me.

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