Boot open Solaris without happy face / Graphical boot

I was setting up open solaris virtual machine using virtualbox but the machine hung at the boot screen, a lot of search from internet finally revealed following facts.

Graphical Boot Screen in OpenSolaris is known as HAPPY FACE.

unlike Linux boot entries in Open Solaris we have 4 line to change

you will find 3 lines listed as

splashimage /boot/solaris.xpm
foreground d25f00
background 115d93

You need to delete these lines, this can be done by first pressing “e” on boot menu and then pressing d keeping cursor on the line to be deleted.

next we need to edit line starting with “kernel$” and remove the following portion.


This will let you boot Open Solaris in console mode and can in turn let you find errors occurring.

Note : this same feature could be implemented as a second entry in Grub. detailed post on Grub will come as soon as i get time from my busy schedule for penning it down.

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