Standalone Perl on Android

In simmilar lines to standalone python this is the code that could be used for running standalone perl applications. This script again tries to address some very basic issues. 1) non availability of direct perl calling mechanism while using terminal emulator. 2) Environmental limitations. 3) you can’t pass command-line arguments. Script enclosed Here #License: GPLv2 …

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Whitepaper : Security Issues in Android Custom ROM's

Today i am releasing the paper which i presented recently at C0C0N conference at ernakulam. this paper outlines where security misconfiguration that can lead to device compromise, data theft and so on. Hope this helps in secure development and deployment of custom ROM’s. The link contains download for both my slidepack as well as …

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Android File system Graphical View

Today i am presenting a simple HTML page which everyone can use to visualize the file system layout of Android Phones. I have tried to keep vendor specific stuff out of the list however if you think this needs correction feel free to point out and correct it out. Link :

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