Ubuntu Lucid on Xperia X10

I have been working on using any Linux Distribution on my handset (SE Xperia X10) and finally i have suceeded. I have posted all the details in a nice manner on XDA Developer forum and would prefer getting bug reports and suggestions in their. XDA DEVELOPERS Forum : Ubuntu Lucid CHROOT: updated scripts CLI : …

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Debian 5 :- installation

so lets begin with the installation Recently i have upgraded my internet connection from 64Kbps to huge 256Kbps (although it doesn’t sounds too much but guess what for a person working on 64Kbps for 2yrs this is a 400% increment. ) with this change in my side i thought ok lets download the net-install disk …

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tips and tricks for debian newbies

1) vi is not working as expected, then please use vim, also if you wish to have context highlighting then remove “vim-tiny” and install “vim” and uncomment “syntax on” from /etc/vim/vimrc. 2) if you install wine the instead of trying to setup the environment on your own try wine-doors. (wine-tools is also a good tool …

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bootsplash a.k.a. Splashy on Debian

Tired of watching screens full of hardware releated info scrolling past during Startup and shutdown. Welcome to the world of Splash Screen, Screenshots Here In earlier stage bootsplash screen was configured throught a lot of kernel hacking and using it has a hell lot of hardwork including recompilling of kernel. But the newest form SPLASHY …

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