Web based or desktop based development, code snippets and code review goes in this area.

OSINT on Decentralised / Federated Softwares (Mastodon, Pixelfed and more)

Decentralized federated social medium (aka fediverse) is the talk of the town especially with the twitter drama that’s unfolding right now. To know more about fediverse softwares is the best list of softwares. I was curious about OSINT activities that are possible with this ecosystem. I have been spending some time exploring mastodon, pixelfed …

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Fun with PHP Meterpreter

While building Vulnerable Docker VM, I encountered some interesting behaviour from PHP meterpreter shell. This blog post documents what was identified as issues and what were the solutions for the same.

Automated Reveal.js setup

This post outlines my efforts to bring in markdown focused workflow for creating presentations. The tool allows setting up automated workflow leveraging markdown and Reveal.js.

Plain Text Pages/Posts in WordPress

While experimenting with WordPress i was tasked with a situation where i am suppose to present some static text content on the website. However uploading a text file was out of question and the author wanted to keep everything controlled inside WordPress.

SVN Extractor for Web Pentesters

Many a times web application pen-testers are encountered with the presence of .svn folders. For those not aware .svn folder is used by SVN version control system to perform its operations. For a blackbox pentester this folder contains huge amount of information.

Database protection Techniques : a different prespective

Tips for Db Security Disclaimer : This post keeps in mind the web frontends and web applications based attacks on DB Servers in mind. Any Userid used for web application connectivity should be clipped to specific ip addresses that could be localhost in case of same server usage for Db and App server. If two …

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