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My Journey with markdown

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This post outlines my experience with markdown & how its integrated in my workflow. This is specially useful if you are starting with markdown and / or want to see how others use markdown. For someone who doesn’t know what’s markdown this could be a simpler path to get the right direction.

Markdown for uninitiated is a plain text formatting syntax. Read more details here

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Better UBUNTU : menu customization and hotkeys

Last few Days i was busy customizing GNOME to match up with my windows 7 setup as i like to have similar interface

One of the most important part of this customization will be the Menu.

Gnome menu with three icon interface is standard (“Application” “Places” and “System”) But then at times i found looking for a unified menu, i used to satisfy my needs with a gnome-main-menu on taskbar giving me a unified menu. but with windows vista and windows 7 quick search feature in place i was finding lack of facility in ubuntu-main-menu too.

Menu interface similar to Windows 7 menu

My Search finally took me to UBUNTU System Panel.

available @ <- This also has some plugin’s to display on

Its Launchpad Link is

Next Stop : Enable hotkeys

In Windows I use hotkeys a lotmost common keys are

Win + E – Open Explorer

Win + D – Minimize all and show desktop.

and one shortcut which i thought i must add in linux

Win + T – to open terminal window

So i started with search on how to add such keys.

Win+ D => gconftool-2 -t str –set /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/show_desktop “d”

Win + T => gconftool-2 -t str –set /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/run_command_terminal “t”

For more details we can refer this simple post :

I know it’s not exactly what your after but if you go to…

System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts

…and select “Launch home directory”, you can assign Win+e to load your home folder. If you’ve set up the sidebar in nautilus as directory structure, you should be set.

Hope that’s of some use.

set browser to Win W

set terminal to Win T

Also you can map windows Key to the Menu but then it will not be available for other actions.

so i went ahead and marked my right Win key for menu an left winows key remain intact for my shortcuts to work.

Note : to mark right win key as USP_Hotkey  use Super_R a the identifier.

BLOG camp Pune : an overview

Blog camp pune (27th june 2009) So finally i was able to attend the first unconference of my life and as expected it was fun filled day as a large gathering turned up with varied flavours in blogging. When i entered in i was a bit uncomfortable but on my way to the 7th floor of atur center i met Shahid Mukadam another blogger offcourse who claims to have a cheesy name for his blog and hence was a bit shy to publically say it loud( if you want to know just hover over his name), then along with him i came in contact with Abhinav Sonkar (another techMighty) and Himanshu Chanda of BizDharma Along with us was Sachin more And then at around 10:05 AM the conference started. Tarun Chandel kicked the event with an introduction to BLOGCAMP concept and then moving on to what and why’s of blogging.The best part was

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EXT2IFS : linux files on windows…..

Many of us who are dual booting their PCs have a pain when it comes to sharing resources between windows and Linux.

Let’s see what options do we have when it comes to data sharing between two o.s.

1) keep a separate partition as FAT32 for complete interoperability and then keep common data in that partition.

2) second solutions comes easy when we need to access files from windows partition in Linux,
we have native support for FAT32 as well as native read only support for NTFS (extendable to full RW (read Write) support using ntfs-3g) more on this later.

But lets today focus on the other side of the sharing…..

WHAT if you wish to access files from Linux partition while running a windows partition.

AT THIS POINT I WOULD like to introduce you to EXT2IFS which stands for EXT2 Installable File System for windows.


From the official site

It installs a pure kernel mode file system driver Ext2fs.sys, which actually extends the Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista operating system to include the Ext2 file system. Since it is executed on the same software layer at the Windows NT operating system core like all of the native file system drivers of Windows (for instance NTFS, FASTFAT, or CDFS for Joliet/ISO CD-ROMs), all applications can access directly to Ext2 volumes. Ext2 volumes get drive letters (for instance O:). Files, and directories of an Ext2 volume appear in file dialogs of all applications. There is no need to copy files from or to Ext2 volumes in order to work with them.

details can be seen at

download EXT2IFS

although there remains some issues,

  1. file system gets case insensitive (due to inherent limitation of windows.)
  2. files with starting “.” which symbolizes hidden files are all available for public access.
  3. security and user group permission becomes invalid because windows is unable to understand and hence all the files are accessible in windows (including /root to /home folder for all person’s using the system while on windows.

Instead of providing screen shots of my own i would like to redirect you all to the official screenshots

ALSO this is not an open source product this is a freeware.
Open source product that is under development is EXT2FSD.

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orkut updates : themes and photo-tagging finally.

Orkut has recently done a lot of changes to its UI  engine,

most prominent being

1)light version of orkut comming to thewild covered here 

2) Theming Engine (finally out in wild)

3) Photo tagging feature : one of the few features of facbook which should have long been imported to orkut.

So this post is to let everyone know that they can now decorate their orkut profile with legitimate themes and not those creepy greasemonkey based themes.

for this you have to go to profile -> themes tab. or click here

or just select change theme on the top right hand  side.

currently orkut has a limited set of themes they will be increasing them, but the actual fun will start as soon as they start letting user’s build their own themes. (just like blogger.)

NOTE : one thing i would like to remove from all themes is the big header, it realy takes up quite a lot of screen portion.


A very much awaited feature which was one of the reason’s why i liked facebook a lot.

This will help those who are looking for old picture’s or unable to find their group photographs to catalog their pics properly.

and this also removes the limitation of uploading pics again and again on each profile (in case of group pics) , you jsut tag the pics properly and it will let everyone know that tagging is done (i.e a pic is found with thier name in it.)

NOTE : if some one tagged you in his pics you get a notification on your mail id that  you have been tagged.


I hope orkut keeps improving on its standard’s