Individual Contributors in corporate world: my observations

In this article I would like to explore the idea of Individual contributors and various notes and references I was able to collect so far. Continuing my observations from Richard Hamming’s “You and Your Research” . There is a section where a specific personality defect is explained termed “ego assertion“.

Cybersecurity: Passion or Profession

This blog post takes notes from an excellent talk by “Richard Hamming” called “You and Your research” full transcript here. Its interesting how some talks leave a mark and you derive your own conclusions and way forward when you spend enough time thinking about the topic. Over a period of time my thought’s have changed …

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Re-launching Codevigilant

So i talked about relaunching a project using Hugo in my last blog post. today I’m happy to announce that we have relaunched CodeVigilant. This project took a lot of my time and efforts, but I was not alone in the efforts, Aarushi Koolwal helped me with the entire process. I have read somewhere if …

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Posting regularly on blog: WordPress or hugo does the tooling matters?

I have been running this blog since 2007 19 July 2007 to be precise, during this long timeframe the blog has seen its own life-cycle. Started on shared hosting to moving on my server to moving from one type of WordPress instance to another. During this entire time, it has been a massively rewarding experience …

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