Well this question is a long lasting question but a simple answer to this question is that the word LINUX doesn’t represent the whole operating system but it just describes a part of it [though a vital part] that is the kernel sub-system. most of the show that goes on over this kernel is through …

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Story of a hard core piracy lover turned a FLOSS evangelist

Let me first introduce myself I am Anant Shrivastava a floss enthusiast and i am presenting here a story of my intro and working with GNU/LINUX. +======================================+ | FROM HARDCORE PIRATE TO FLOSS PRIEST | +======================================+ The story of my introduction to linux starts in 1998. When i was in 7th standard i had a …

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Harry Potter 7 review (spoiler)

Harry potter 7 was a mix of reactions for me as well as for many others. Things i already doubted ranged from planed death of of Dumboldore to HARRY being the seventh Horcroux. Things i least expected included, Elder Wand being mastered by Harry at last, and The act of Snape to save Lilly. Overall …

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Harry Potter 7 finished

At last i was able to get my hands on the scaned copy of HP on the day it got released. Now as i am writing this post, i feel contented that i have finished it now. although i personally feel the best book was book 5 : order of the phoenix But this book …

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Harry Potter 7 released

Yes Harry potter 7 is released finally, The Fan sites are filled with contradicting spoilers. My suggestions to all is do not read the spoilers coz they will not only actually spoil your interest but will also make you confused. Don’t think that i am going to open up any spoiler. I am going to …

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HELLO (My First Post)

Hello everyone, first of all thanks for dropping down at my blog. Today after so many people have told me and also persuaded me, I finally decided to start a blog. This blog will act as a my daily journal containing 1) my professional world related stuff. 2) my adventures (real and virtual (computer) world) …

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