firefox 2 plugins in FF3 beta5

Many of you who will be working on firefox 3 beta 5 will be having problem’s to configure the plugin’s coz they are not compatible with firefox3b5, YOU Don’t Need to wait til the official release you can try on your own that are the really not compatible with ff3b5 === rest of the section …

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a fabulus tech day

well what can i say about this day of 25th feb, a lot of tech events happened which can easily get any techno enthusiast get back to action just the same  happened with me. some of today’ highlight. 1) Pakistan’s attempt to block youtube resulting in worldwide downtime for youtube. A simple quote i read …

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new security approach : sandbox way

Protect your PC by executing a program on Sandboxie If you execute a dangerous program which can have an virus or visit a site which can install a spy ware into your machine, use Sandboxie! Programs (including browser) which is executed through Sandboxie reads data from hard disk. But when programs write something on hard …

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How to recover from a hang linux PC

You finally got your Linux environment to crash. Ctrl+Alt+Backspace does nothing, nor do the F-keys. You know you shouldn’t have installed that bad driver, but you did it anyway. So you reach for the power button. Stop. Mashing in the power button to reboot could cause a problem if your hard drive is still being …

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