Mastering the Essential Skills for the Digital Age

Uncover the power of four essential digital-age skills: variable speed reading, enhanced typing speed, sustained focus, and critical thinking. Learn practical tips for honing these abilities, driving productivity and success in the rapidly-evolving digital landscape.


a simple 3 character word with a lot more than just meaning for most of the world. some call it Allah, some call it bhagwan, some call it guru, some say christ. in short an all powerful known all person. However if we look deep down into each historical event it looks like these three …

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Reality Check

Are we living in a real world? Are we real? These are some questions that pop in our head time and again and specially if we watch classics like Matrix, or Inception. So lets evaluate the situation here (wemight need a lot of imagination) We live in a world which we know in-terms of a …

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Life for me in simplest form is “one time oportunity to prove the worthiness of the uniqueness you have.” So lets see what i actually meant my this. Life starts with millions of atomic particles combining in a very specific format which defines the characteristic properties of an individual. during the whole lifespan one should …

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