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htaccess based spamBot and Leacher Blocking Code

Most of us at one point come to a conclusion that spam bot and Leachers are some of the annoyance of web which needs to be dealt  with severly.

so here is one way of doing this if you have Apache Webserver.

.htaccess is the file which can help you on this.

I have collected a list of some most common bot user agent strings used and based on these strings we can block them just by using .htaccess file.

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facebook or orkut choice to be made

Today i was reading my RSS feeds and got this intresting article describing the status of social network’s in india.

The article  mainly states that orkut is still leading the India market and facebook (world no 2) is still no where to be close to orkut in India.

The reason for low usage of facebook in india is basically for few reason’s that i found while using facebook as well as orkut both.

1) orkut is more popular due to its straight forward approach, it offer’s limited features only.

2) most orkut user’s are just chat freaks and are their only for fun and time pass.

3) orkut captures a large crowd from college students who love to sneak and peak in others profile (got this point from one of the comment in the article above.)

4) facebook is a heavy site, specially if you have more then 30-40 apps installed, (mainly due to its AJAX style good for DSL connection but appears to be a pain in A** for the dialup users)

BUT there are a lot of reason’s which put facebook as my preference.

1) It provides privacy, more then what i can expect in orkut.

2)  with its app base used properly you can create a virtual  home for you in their, like i keep a tab of my movies as well as music with two apps flixter’s movie app and iLike app for facebook.

3) i am a social networker with my orkut profile reaching the 400 mark and my facebook profile now reaching close to 75, but still i prefer networking with people with whom i can interact and gain something from this interaction. and in this case i find facebook to be of much help.

Ex: i took an IQ test and now i can search for people with IQ level equal to me or greater then me, and then a simple message let me in.

4) Another great feature of facebook which many user’s in India are largely unaware of is photo tagging,by which you can tag each individual face on your pic collection with a name.

These are few of my finding’s

many people might disagree with me, and many might agree with me.

also for your references.

My orkut profile

My facebook profile


As per some comments on this post i am making a clarification here,

As per akhil’s comment

Privacy issue

1) well if you compare not able to check on other people’s profile without their permission is a hard head, then check it back on the critisim of facebook section, ther main concern is privacy only.

take for example email theft, any programmer with a bit of knowledge of data mining can get a lot more then just thousands of email id’s on orkut within few hours time coz mails are in plaintext format, compared to facebook which uses pic’s to show mail id.

regarding virtual home concept

2) well for the virtual home case, my point is our first network begin’s at our home and how we establish it by liking few and disliking few how his liking and disliking came in, they came by thier behaviour towards us or other’s as well as their liking and disliking.
In the same way facebook helps you to communicate with your friends circle not as a different id’s but as different person’s.

3) and for the privacy issue and regarding that article, that privacy concern is regarding the facebook owner’s side and not from the user’s point of view.
and to check some for the orkut side, check you orkut account and see that the ad’s displayed are content sensitive, (a google speciality), did you tried to guess how it comes from, and don’t you thing it is too easy for someone who stores your data to use it in what ever way he may like. : another good read out for those concerned with privacy.

On a side note, besides orkut or facebook,

now a days creating an online persona of yourself is not a big deal if you go with proper channel.
you can start with simple web site taking design help from this place. and if you wish to have an interactive site the best bet as of now is to go with blogging, when it comes to blogging you can start with a small web host plan from a reliable provider like bluehost. and when you thing you have got enough grip of the things and wish to expend more then you can have a dedicated server very easily, now a days if you wish to start blogging you can easily get your host set-up as well as complete site up and running with in half an hour time gap. but a word of caution before diving deep into the world of blogging please have a close look at this ACT CONCERNING ONLINE ADVERTISING AND PRIVACY.


Professional networking : – linkedin

While last time we talked about social networking.

this time we will look at options in professional fields.

when i look at the www the only answer that comes in my mind is

this site has been designed to be able to act as a bridge between workers and employers, prospective employers, overall a network where professional connections are made. which can on one side help a employer find good and resourceful employee’s and on the other ends find allows employees to get to know about their prospective employer.

even if you are not in the business on employer and employee then also getting in touch with professional in any field is very easy in this site.

you can read more about linkedin at the following blogs.

How to build linkedin network

Do’s and Don’ts for new linkedin users

Is linkedin for true networker.

Social Networking sites.

Online Social networking sites are used to create a group or what we can call as friends circle.

some commonly used social networking sites includes.

1) : – very famous in india and neighboring counties

2) : – leading networking site.

3) : – this is my fav and will very soon over through Myspace down to become leading networking site

The latest entry in this is the sabeer bhatia’s new venture apna circle. : – it is an indian subcontinent centric site with a combination of orkut (personal network) and linkedin (professional network), it also reminds me of Facebook on its mini feed icons.

all such type of sites have some + and some – the responsibility lies on the shoulders of the users.


1) you can be in touch with a very large circle of friends, situated very far away, or working abroad etc.

2) besides being a source of getting in touch, these sites can also act as a source of solution, due to their group facilities.


i) recent days have seen coming repeatedly on news, not because it is selected youth icon of the year but because yet another crime has been committed and the thing to blame for all this is rather online social networking site

while using these types of sites following things should be kept in mind.

1) first and foremost never disclose your personal details and family details to a person you don’t know.

2) think before you type, coz site’s like these can be used to track the mindset of a person.

Some more blog post on similar topics are listed below
Do’s and Dont’s of online networking.
Personal networking do’s and don’t

Claim Your StumbleUpon Blog through Technorati

NOTE : after change in technorati this method is not checked, so will not say that this is currently a working method.


Heres an interesting tip that you probably haven’t thought of yet. In fact, this will increase the number of links to your StumbleUpon blog, and will automatically increase the link juice to every page that you add, review, or Stumble using the StumbleUpon service.

First, you need to make sure that you have an account at Technorati. You’ll also want to make sure that you have an account at StumbleUpon.

Next, go here to start your claim. Enter your StumbleUpon home page, which will be something like

Once you enter the blog URL, you’ll get a confirmation screen. It will look like this:


Next, click on Use Post Claim » link on the left, the part in green. That will get you to another screen that looks like this:


open a new tab in your browser or a new window and go to your StumbleUpon profile (mine is Edit a recent review or click on the “post new blog” link. Copy the code that Technorati gave you (the a href link code) and paste into a new blog post at StumbleUpon.

Next, go back to Technorati and click on release the spiders. Once the Technorati spiders have confirmed that you’ve added the code to your StumbleUpon blog, then you an re-edit the review to remove the Technorati claim code or delete the blog post.

That’s it! You’ve now claimed your StumbleUpon blog with Technorati.

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