Debian 5 :- installation

so lets begin with the installation

Recently i have upgraded my internet connection from 64Kbps to huge 256Kbps (although it doesn’t sounds too much but guess what for a person working on 64Kbps for 2yrs this is a 400% increment. )

with this change in my side i thought ok lets download the net-install disk and start the magic….

The start was a surprise for me with option selection menu with option for GUI installation..

but the surprise went of the hook when my motherboard(intel 865 chipset ) onboard Graphics was not auto detected and fail back text installer was started

but anyways i can live up with CLI interface too..

so i moved ahead and a simple installation for debian took less then 20 minutes to fiish..

now i can say that besides the minor glitch in hardware detection it was a breeze..

Note : i am not covering much on installation as that is not my prime concern …

Now as the installation got over logged in to the system and went to aptitude for some softwares

Here i would like to point out the best thing i like about aptitude or any package manager in debian TASK’s

simple links to get the a perticular setup done

So i head to aptitude ans task panel a quick “+” over desktop, Laptop, Gnome, Localization Hindi) and Webserver.

two taps on “g” and i am ready to go for a good night sleep in the mean time all the packages will be downloaded and installed automatically……. (size of over 972MB)

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