Debian 5 Lenny : installation prelude

its been a long time since i posted on my blog..

Been hell lot busy on my work… but guess what as soon as i got some time i get this simply superb news…

Debian 5.0 lenny is out i have been eying for this distro for a long time using the unstable repos to get the taste of lenny and now finally lenny is here..

so today onewards atleast one post on how i am setting up debian lenny on my desktop..

my configuration is as followes..

Celeron 2.6 GHz processor

256 + 512 = 768MB RAM


Samsung Studiowork 700S 17″

thats the basic setup but the main part will be to configure and use

BlueSoliel IVT bluetooth dongle..

Nokia 3120 Classic or USB cable as well as BlueTooth

With This i might also be able to workout on my long lasting ambition to document wine configuration and electronics workbench configuration.

So Stay Tuned …

Next post on Installation

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