Eclipse + SVN + Proxy = configuration options

Last few days I have been breaking by head against Eclipse and various SVN plugin’s in an attempt to make them work behind a proxy server.

MY test Subjects were

Eclipse 3.5 : Galilieo (working even for version 3.7)

SubEclipse : SVN Client

So the single thing that you will not be able to find is a unified configuration settings.

Eclipse will require a separate configuration file for proxy, and similarly you need to configure Subclipse.

Now getting to the configuration.

For Eclipse you can refer :

For Subclipse

You need to open

C:Documents and Settings<user_name>Application DataSubversionservers
Note: for windows 7 this could also be found in

In this file you need to uncomment few line

# http-proxy-port=80
# http-proxy-username=blah
# http-proxy-password=doubleblah
# http-timeout=60

You need to change this to reflect the details of your proxy server.
Make sure there is no gap on either side of “=” symbol
Also keep in mind you need to that there should be no gap at the beginning. Refer


Note : for users behind password protected firewall if your firewall is configured in IE you don’t need to provide your Password in this config file. Have not been able to test this in other conditions.

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