a simple 3 character word with a lot more than just meaning for most of the world. some call it Allah, some call it bhagwan, some call it guru, some say christ. in short an all powerful known all person.

However if we look deep down into each historical event it looks like these three characters were combined to create an identify which would be the master control for our social behavior pattern. which was used and misused in all sort of ways by all sorts of people ranging from religious leaders of all types to terrorist units all times. even though on a positive unit this faith has worked wonders for a large array of people around the world too.

now I don’t claim to be some known all person however i have a small amount of brain which works at times and give me ideas which at least i consider brilliant.

Lets analyze what we call as GOD. a supreme power, creator of this world and a lot more.

Lets contrast this with the statement from Bhagwat gita “God is present in each particle” considering this as a fact now lets see. One human body consist of millions if not trillions of particles and each particle as per gita is a GOD in itself so we are a super amulgamation of GOD.

So what i can understand is that supreme power or GOD is present in each and every individual however the only thing needed is to recognize it and enhance it.

Now contrast this with thoughts of people like Mani Bhaumik “Code Name God” who explains how we can consider the sub atomic particle attraction force as the GOD force and originator of all things in existance.

On consider it with a theory of everything proposed by Einstein which tries to explain the start of the world in turn trying to explain beginning of world.

Till these times we considered Science as anti GOD however Science at its root is just a different approach just like all the religions in the world.
A lot to write on this will add more when time permits however till that time in short

“I was an Atheist, until i Realized i was GOD”

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