Hack IM Walk Through : Nullcon – 2011

After nearly one week of finishing the HackIM challenge, I have finally got the time to finally document the whole process with as much link and screen-shots as possible.

However i didn’t went ahead and released the doc at that time coz a lot of users where playing and i don’t wanted to spoil their fun.
However as tomorrow we will have a new game to play, So here i am releasing the document for general public to have a look at the whole contest in a step by step walk through.

However the main aim for doing this is to gather responses from the junta and in turn find optimum ways of solving the problems as well as to get introduced to various other tools and techniques others might have used to perform the task in much simpler and quicker way.

PDF file has been uploaded in Slide-share for sharing purposes.

Embedded Version here.

Direct download link

View the slides @ slideshare

6 thoughts on “Hack IM Walk Through : Nullcon – 2011”

  1. @neel : do check the blog Battleunderground walkthrough launched.

    for level 9 its was basically a check … the form was using get change to post and you are in….

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