Helper Script: ip

Most of the time when we type ipconfig / ifconfig we are looking for a very simple information i.e. what’s the ip address and which interface is up and running.
So here is another simple script that i write in both shell script and batch file format to ensure that i can extract the basic information in quick turnaround.

Linux / Mac (Bash Version)
[github userid=”anantshri” repoid=”script-collection” path=”ip” language=”bash”]

Windows Batch Version
[github userid=”anantshri” repoid=”script-collection” path=”ip.bat” language=”batch”]

Both the version give you a concise view of what all interfaces are up and runing and which interface has an ip address attached to it.

And here is another script which uses a web service to get you public IP Address.
[github userid=”anantshri” repoid=”script-collection” path=”” language=”bash”]

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