If given a chance, would i change anything in my past?

Life has its own shares of ups and downs. Whenever we are stuck in a particularly down section of life we think a lot. One of the thought that comes in mind almost always is : what if I can go back and change my one decision. This post is about that specific feeling.

I personally believe that the life we live is a collective sum of our actions. Each and every single step that we take becomes part of our collective experiance. We might regret taking a specific decision but if we look closely each and every decision teaches us something.

Let’s take an example. Assume you made a decision which resulted in your loss of job/ opportunities. At this point w might feel we have lost everything. However this is yet another phase of life which will also pass. Just like happiness never lasts forever. Similarly troubled times also have there own lifespan.

This particular situation when looked at after few months or so has lots of important lessons for us.

  • who stood by us at troubled times.
  • who fleed from the scene.
  • how we tackled the situation. Individually and collectively.

All these simpler points shape our decisions and actions going forward. Important point is to learn from past and ensure learning’s are not wasted.

As someone said forgive your enemies but never forget the actions.

I would also like to qoute Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle here. You can either know the position or speed of the particle. It is safe to assume: if we have a specific point that we plan to change in past and we do end up changing it. I assume universe will find its own course corrections and present would be changed beyond imaginations

Lots of novels books movies and TV serials have delved in this topic hence I will not do that. However crux of the topic is that the present is collective sum of past actions. If you change past and your present is uncertain.

enjoy the present, accept your past decisions and stood by them.

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