Interesting Bugs to remember

Every few days i encounter a bug report or a pull request that catches my attention sometimes i tweet about them sometimes i just use them and forget about them. this would probably become a place where i keep such gems in one place.

  1. Synergy Scroll via macbook
  • Link:
  • Details: scroll via macbook scrollpad is registered as too small a variance and the fix as per this closed bug works perfectly for the v1 of synergy that is to push custom yscroll value i ended up setting it too low of yscroll 10
  1. Ansible Breaking defaults and defacto assumptions
  • Link :
  • Details: Ansible had a bug report and a subsequent pull request as a security concern where the default umask based file creation permissions were considered incorrect and defaults were changed to 600 which broke all assumptions people had about permissions of new files created.
  • Twitter post:
  1. VirtualBox + catalina + Sounds

* Link:
* Details: Catalina OS even with the latest virtualbox at this time has issues as it tries to start ubuntu vm’s it causes a crash and the fix is strangly to disable audio for the VM.

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