IronWasp on Linux

This post is about way in which we can run IronWASP on linux / Mac. I have created a shell script which should help in the setup.

Those looking for how to download and install IRONWASP on linux.

One Line copy paste code.

wget -O ~/ && sh ~/

Those looking for some read can continue from here.

This post will talk about running IronWasp on Linux. So a little background.

IRONWASP : (from

IronWASP (Iron Web application Advanced Security testing Platform) is an open source system for web application vulnerability testing. It is designed to be customizable to the extent where users can create their own custom security scanners using it. Though an advanced user with Python/Ruby scripting expertise would be able to make full use of the platform, a lot of the tool’s features are simple enough to be used by absolute beginners.

Where does Linux comes into picture?

IronWASP is based on fiddlercore and uses .net for UI Designing. Hence running on linux was a bit hard. Mono is out of question here as fiddler core doesn’t play well with mono. Me and Lava did worked on checking if mono can support but the efforts didn’t work out. Then Came the crossoveroffice Give away Sale and a surprise tweet from R3dsm0k3 about being able to run ironwasp successfully through crossover office on MAC


From that time i was wondering why only crossover office we should be able to do it directly in wine. Finally today i got some time to sit and see how crossover do it and what could be done with Wine. and here is the output.

Disclaimer : this is in no ways a fully baked script, its bits and pieces joined overnight to get things working. I can’t promise that a new release will be done but would surely help anyone who wants to work on it.

Once you run this script all you need to do is click on next next finish for .net 20 installations and soon you will find an icon on your Linux desktop named IWASP which will launch Ironwasp for you. in the Background script will be automatically downloading and installing various dependencies required and configuring the system

Prerequsites : wine version >= 1.4 and internet connectivity.

Will try to see if i can make a video for the same setup till them this texual output should be enough.

Note: During setup if there is a prompt to restart now or later please select restart now. your system won’t reboot just wine restarts.

Download Link :

One Liner

wget -O ~/ && sh ~/


Feel free to suggest changes or comment.


1) UI-Designer doesn’t work for drag and drop UI building, for 32 bit Linux(working on 64 bit linux). (Mac working is confirmed by r3dsm0k3)


22-01-2013 :
1) r3dsm0k3 confirmed that script works on Mac too.
2) Code added modified to add reference.
3) Shortcut details updated to correct few issues when the api tree was not visible on right side.
4) dos2unix converted web edit’s caused script to go dos.
5) wineprefix specifically marked as 32bit.


1) Customization to make script work on 64bit linux instances.


In case you observe that after running the script here is an error from wine suggesting to install mono for linux / windows i would suggest rerunning the script but this time comment out the wget url for cnet and uncomment the wget url for microsoft downloads. both url are used to download .net sp2 but someone one goes down and i had better sucess ratio with cnet link. However YMMV. Feel free to add a comment here in case of any issue but make sure to include the entire output of the about listed command. This helps in quickly solving the issue.

In case you don’t want to add a lot of junk in comment i would suggest email me with the details at

12 thoughts on “IronWasp on Linux”

  1. I had to use dos2unix to convert the shell file, after that dotnetfx did not install because my system is 64 bit.

    1. Hi thanks for the update,
      dos2unix part done.
      64bit systems i have not tried i tried on 32bit backtrack VM.
      BTW you can force your wine instance to 32bit, next update will try to force this.
      “export WINEARCH=win32”
      Added the code in the script should go through now.

  2. Worked like champ on my Ubuntu 12.10 x64 box. Thanks a lot for this! I had tried to make it work on my own with dismal failure.

  3. Hi Ananat. I tried installing IronWasp on Backtrack 5 r2 using the ‘1-liner’ . Seems I am going wrong somewhere. The installation fails with the following error msg :-

    | _____ _______ ___ ____ _____ ____ ____ _ ______ _______ |
    | |_ _||_ __ .’ `.|_ |_ _||_ _| |_ _|/ .’ ____ |_ __ |
    | | | | |__) | / .-. | | | / / / / _ | (___ _| | |__) | |
    | | | | __ / | | | | | | | | / / / / ___ _.____`. | ___/ |
    | _| |_ _| | _ `-‘ /_| |_ |_ / /_/ / _| ____) | _| |_ |
    | |_____||____| |___|`.___.’|_____|____| / /|____| |____|______.’|_____| |
    | |
    IRONWASP Linux Installer

    Will automatically install and configure IRONWASP.
    All you need to click is next next next

    Script Written by Anant shrivastava
    Grab the latest script here :

    press any key to continue
    ‘: not a valid identifierne 19: read: `input_cmd
    Creating directories
    Starting Wine configuration
    : command not foundsh: line 26: wineboot
    mkdir: cannot create directory `/root/IRONWASPr/installerrr’: No such file or directory
    : No such file or directory
    chmod: cannot access `/root/IRONWASPr/installerr/winetricksr’: No such file or directory
    : No such file or directorynet20/dotnetfx.exe
    /winetricks: No such file or directory
    : No such file or directory
    / /root/IRONWASPRONWASP line 45: warning: here-document at line 40 delimited by end-of-file (wanted `EOF’)

    So I was wondering if you could please help me through the installation process and also let me know what really went wrong with the above.

    1. Please try again, the script should work now.
      also make sure that wine is installed your first problem looks like wine is not installed on your machine.
      other errors shouldnow be corrected.

  4. I have a problem to run ironwasp on kali linux:
    wine: Install Mono for Windows to run .NET 2.0 applications

    Can you help me to solve it ?? please.

  5. Not working on fedora 19….used the shell script and when running a VC++ runtime error occured, saying “R6030 -CRT not initalized”

    1. I am aware of the issue and working to find a permanent solution. error is due to non availability of .net 2.0 redist package on the url hardcoded in script. working to fix it.


  6. I have installed Ironwasp using the script, however I get this error when I try to run it:
    wpt@wpt:~/Desktop$ ./IronWasp
    wine: Install Mono for Windows to run .NET 2.0 applications.

    * Both .NET and mono for Windows are installed in my Ubuntu 12.10

    1. This is bacause the script has failed. try running it again just change one thing. there is a wget link pointing to cnet comment it and uncomment the link pointing to microsoft just below it. that should solve the problem.

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