Life for me in simplest form is
“one time oportunity to prove the worthiness of the uniqueness you have.”

So lets see what i actually meant my this.

Life starts with millions of atomic particles combining in a very specific format which defines the characteristic properties of an individual. during the whole lifespan one should try to prove why this combination actually came into existence.

When i say prove it doesn’t means prove to others. just make a point to prove it to yourself that you have tried one thing which makes you unique from the others and in short defines you.
Just like for this moment i am writing this and putting my thoughts on written media proving to myself that this day was worth getting for me.

Although now one more thought will come in mind if its like this, then why do people spend a large amount of time fighting with each other for issues as simple as spilled water to border marking of countries.

Have you seen the chemical reaction that takes place when you put HCL over Iron or as a matter of fact any acid over metals. we see that metals starts getting disolved. The simplest reason for this is because the chemical composition of two material interacting doesn’t let them be in their existing state and changes it forever.

Same if applied to a large mass of multiple composition or chemicals we can image the reactions it will do with another object not of the same design.

We talk a lot about AURA / Spirutal influence area or simply personal space influence. i consider it as a space in which my chemical composition can react with yours and output could be devestating or very fruitful depends on the compostion of both the entities.

Although i will again repeat that i am not some known all person and hence whatsoever is written are my own thought developed inside my own brain for my internal consumption however i am writing it down as brain can only hold specific amount of stuff in RAM rest has to move down the line and have a chance of getting forgotten.

So all i can say to each and every individual
Life is a game play it without shame.

Publication History:
First published in Facebook notes on 26 Aug 2010

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