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Open Hack India
Open Hack India 2011

This was my first time attending Yahoo open hackday the event is all fun and a quick way to hacking onto the yahoo api’s.

I specifically focused on one API YQL, which basically claims to do the following

select * from internet

now that raises an eyebrow, in simpler term this is what is we can call a content scrapper’s dream, we get as less as 1000+ data tables which allow us to interact with various websites using well known sql standards.

here we can keep adding more and more tables if needed otherwise we can always revert back to generic tablees like

select * from rss where url =””

the thing that i like the most was they have given a direct access in the form of yql console you can check that by clicking the above link

I have been trying my luck to brew something for my self and a long lasting itch came back to me and i thought lets try solving the etch here.

so my hack for open hackday 2011 was : MY Life : a social content feed aggregation widget.

basically what i am doing is listed here in simplest terms.

1) take simple userid/username from users for various social networking sites.

2) create a unified feed based on user inputs

3) provide widget (HTML/JS) and PHP code to be used on site based on the user need.

So here is the hosted version of Hack

Note : YQL has rate limit and hence will only be able to fetch content for 10000 times a day. so if you do find output missing then its a good news for me basically my site has crossed 10000 users .

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