Orkut Updates

big time for orkut fan’s

first time opensocial has yielded some results.

orkut has launched orkut apps with some minor enhancements in cosmetics of orkut layout also.

currently the apps database has only 18 apps

  1. Music iLike
  2. Emote
  3. Photoattack
  4. horoscopes
  5. TypeRacers
  6. Top friends by slide.com
  7. SlideTV by Slide.com
  8. My Hangman
  9. iRead
  10. Flixter Movies
  11. ChakPak Movies
  12. Reading Social
  13. Bible Verses
  14. INdia Dekha
  15. Teen Patti
  16. Hangout
  17. BuboMe
  18. Music And Movies

But if you look at the list closely you find many applications resembling close to each other
Like we have 3 movies apps and 2 books apps.

so that should be avoided.

and i tested 3 apps till now
1) iRead – working fine with all features
2) Flixter Movies – Going smooth.
3) Music iLike – interface not opening on FF3 beta, hope it works on other’s

Well lets see what this leads to, if they can work properly then apps can realy make orkut a rocking place.


1) many of these apps are available on facebook, can the users import their data here,
2) what about generic site data. mean’s like for example some one has account at flixter can hi import data on orkut app.

for reference my orkut profile is

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