OSINT on Decentralised / Federated Softwares (Mastodon, Pixelfed and more)

Decentralized federated social medium (aka fediverse) is the talk of the town especially with the twitter drama that’s unfolding right now. To know more about fediverse softwares https://fediverse.party/en/miscellaneous/ is the best list of softwares.

I was curious about OSINT activities that are possible with this ecosystem. I have been spending some time exploring mastodon, pixelfed and other softwares and building some basic understanding of how interactions work or some part of it.

Introducing: https://github.com/anantshri/fediverse_osint

This is the first alpha version of the code base and can perform some very basic operations.

  1. It can detect if the provided domain is participating in Fediverse
  2. It can detect if the specific fediverse exists (username@domain.tld)
  3. It can also search for a specific username across a large array of fediverse servers. List sourced from fediverse.party

This is just the start and there is a lot more to be done.

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