Wireguard Setup

Quick notes on how to setup wireguard on 20..04 Best guide i could find : https://www.linuxbabe.com/ubuntu/wireguard-vpn-server-ubuntu But still pieces missing so trying to write this and make those pieces sorted Base OS : ubuntu 20.04 Install software sudo apt-get install wireguard wireguard-tools

Clair and ClairCTL Shenanigans

So last night i was experimenting with Clair and ClairCTL. main task i wanted to do was run clair and clairctl without requiring their individual containers. Long story short, clair versions on website are different via different methods with no easy way to distiguish between them

Powershell core on Mac / Linux

A quick tip on my experiments around Powershell Core in Mac / Linux I am specifically messing around with the Azure AD + Microsoft teams functionality.


So a quick note about a slight difference in grep and ripgrep.


Ubuntu Mate, Presentors and Zoom So i do a lot of presentations and some of the most important tools in a arsenal of a presentor are the clickers and zoom tools with Ubuntu Mate i have been struggling to find the right tool. so i ended up doing a small hack.

Getting Started with Directed graph via Graphviz

Creating simple directed graph using Graphviz I recently found myself in need of making some directed graph so i have used graphviz library for this purpose. Graphviz is a simple graphing Library available in unix machines.

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