Clair and ClairCTL Shenanigans

So last night i was experimenting with Clair and ClairCTL. main task i wanted to do was run clair and clairctl without requiring their individual containers.

Long story short, clair versions on website are different via different methods with no easy way to distiguish between them

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Public Release of HTML5 attack and Secure course

Now a days we are living in difficult times (covid19 and all) and one way to maintain some sanity is to involve ourselves in some shape or form of learning. In that spirit i am today opening the github repo of my HTML5 course from private to public and making all those resources that i gathered public for everyone to access.

This course was created back in 2015 when html5 was just in its infancy contains some basic attack and defense tips. I hope it can be of good use to people.

Feel free to suggest changes, submit pull requests with updated content and improvements.

URL for the repository is here :

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Ubuntu Mate, Presentors and Zoom

So i do a lot of presentations and some of the most important tools in a arsenal of a presentor are the clickers and zoom tools

with Ubuntu Mate i have been struggling to find the right tool. so i ended up doing a small hack.

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BH USA 2019 Behind the scenes

Another good run at BlackHat came to an end. I always wanted to write about what goes behind the scenes. This year I was leading the AIH 4-day edition and then was supposed to do a talk on DevSecOps: What why and how. most of it is outlined however I wanted to focus on behind the scene.

I always thought about writing this one behind the scene post but never had a more adventurous trip so hence writing this down this time around.

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Vagrant + Ansible on windows: my experiments so far

Recently i was asked to help someone run vagrant ansible combination on windows. Its a fun experiment coz ansible never claimed to support windows as control device and the solution [partial at this point] is a series of workaround and gotcha’s that i have listed so far.
I want to make sure i don’t lose this experiment hence documenting it out in a quick blog post

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