Hunchly and Custom Chromium Data Directories

TL;DR: how to setup within Chromium browser along with various quirks.

Hunchly by Justin Seitz is one of the recommended tools when it comes to OSINT related work. However I was attracted to hunchly for its capabilities specially saving all browsed pages in a session. So long story short after a bunch of email exchanges with Justin it was clear that this investment will be fruitful. end result I bought hunchly. If you are a someone interested in OSINT I would definitely recommend using

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Monitoring HTTP and TLS Versions in use via Awstats

With all the hype and craze around HTTP/2 and various TLS Versions, there is one questions which appears every now and then. I am doing all this upgrading versions allowing new ciphers enabling https etc, but is anyone using them. Also with PCI mandate of closing TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 looming large, we need to be in a position to identify what TLS versions are in use on website and what about HTTP Versions.

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My Journey with markdown

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This post outlines my experience with markdown & how its integrated in my workflow. This is specially useful if you are starting with markdown and / or want to see how others use markdown. For someone who doesn’t know what’s markdown this could be a simpler path to get the right direction.

Markdown for uninitiated is a plain text formatting syntax. Read more details here

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