BH USA 2019 Behind the scenes

Another good run at BlackHat came to an end. I always wanted to write about what goes behind the scenes. This year I was leading the AIH 4-day edition and then was supposed to do a talk on DevSecOps: What why and how. most of it is outlined however I wanted to focus on …

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Fun with PHP Meterpreter

While building Vulnerable Docker VM, I encountered some interesting behaviour from PHP meterpreter shell. This blog post documents what was identified as issues and what were the solutions for the same.

Response to : Vulnerability Disclosure, Free Bug Reports & Being a Greedy Bastard

Chris gates at Carnal0wnage wrote a thought provoking article today and raised couple of questions. This topic is something i definitely have been thinking for past couple of years. Here are my thoughts outlined with respect to various questions asked. Before i answer these let this be very clear, the answers are my own and …

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Helper Script: ip

Most of the time when we type ipconfig / ifconfig we are looking for a very simple information i.e. what’s the ip address and which interface is up and running. So here is another simple script that i write in both shell script and batch file format to ensure that i can extract the basic …

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Pentest Helper Script: Hash Generator

Another Script i wrote long back and have been using to in various capacities. This script allows you to quickly generate various types of hashes for a specific string.

Pentest Helper Script: loop

TL;DR: 5-line custom iterator over a file and executing command per line. Here is a custom helper script that i have written and been using for a very long time. Sometimes something so simpler in nature could very well be useful a lot of times that you feel like sharing it out with everyone.

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