EXT2IFS : linux files on windows…..

Many of us who are dual booting their PCs have a pain when it comes to sharing resources between windows and Linux.

Let’s see what options do we have when it comes to data sharing between two o.s.

1) keep a separate partition as FAT32 for complete interoperability and then keep common data in that partition.

2) second solutions comes easy when we need to access files from windows partition in Linux,
we have native support for FAT32 as well as native read only support for NTFS (extendable to full RW (read Write) support using ntfs-3g) more on this later.

But lets today focus on the other side of the sharing…..

WHAT if you wish to access files from Linux partition while running a windows partition.

AT THIS POINT I WOULD like to introduce you to EXT2IFS which stands for EXT2 Installable File System for windows.


From the official site

It installs a pure kernel mode file system driver Ext2fs.sys, which actually extends the Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista operating system to include the Ext2 file system. Since it is executed on the same software layer at the Windows NT operating system core like all of the native file system drivers of Windows (for instance NTFS, FASTFAT, or CDFS for Joliet/ISO CD-ROMs), all applications can access directly to Ext2 volumes. Ext2 volumes get drive letters (for instance O:). Files, and directories of an Ext2 volume appear in file dialogs of all applications. There is no need to copy files from or to Ext2 volumes in order to work with them.

details can be seen at http://www.fs-driver.org/index.html

download EXT2IFS

although there remains some issues,

  1. file system gets case insensitive (due to inherent limitation of windows.)
  2. files with starting “.” which symbolizes hidden files are all available for public access.
  3. security and user group permission becomes invalid because windows is unable to understand and hence all the files are accessible in windows (including /root to /home folder for all person’s using the system while on windows.

Instead of providing screen shots of my own i would like to redirect you all to the official screenshots

ALSO this is not an open source product this is a freeware.
Open source product that is under development is EXT2FSD.

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firefox 2 plugins in FF3 beta5

Many of you who will be working on firefox 3 beta 5 will be having problem’s to configure the plugin’s coz they are not compatible with firefox3b5,

YOU Don’t Need to wait til the official release you can try on your own that are the really not compatible with ff3b5

=== rest of the section is not for fainthearted people ===

The plugi’s of firefox are provided in .XPI package.

This xpi is nothing but a zip file renamed.

so to view the content of the plugin’ just change the extension to zip from xpi.

The extract the file in a folder and look for a file named “install.rdf”

This is the file that need editing

 Pasting a sample install.rdf from sparky – an alexa plugin 

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<RDF:RDF xmlns:em="http://www.mozilla.org/2004/em-rdf#"
<RDF:Description RDF:about="urn:mozilla:extension:file:"
em:package="content/" />
<RDF:Description RDF:about="rdf:#$qOePo2"
em:maxVersion="2.0.0.*" />
<RDF:Description RDF:about="urn:mozilla:install-manifest"
em:name="Alexa Sparky"
em:creator="Derrick Pallas"
em:description="Alexa Internet Statusbar Sparkline"
<em:targetApplication RDF:resource="rdf:#$qOePo2"/>
<em:file RDF:resource="urn:mozilla:extension:file:"/>

The lne to check out is already highlighted

em:maxVersion="2.0.0.*" />

This minVersion is the version number below which it will not install and maxVersion is the upper limit

To make it running on FireFox3 Beta 5 change the above lines to

em:maxVersion="3.0b5" />

After this just recompress the folder and rename it with extension xpi.

and open it in firefox to install it.

more examples of such edit includes firebug and scribefire.

all three plugin are working fabulously on my pc and i keep using them around 12hrs a day so that can count to the stability issue.

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Orkut Updates

big time for orkut fan’s

first time opensocial has yielded some results.

orkut has launched orkut apps with some minor enhancements in cosmetics of orkut layout also.

currently the apps database has only 18 apps

  1. Music iLike
  2. Emote
  3. Photoattack
  4. horoscopes
  5. TypeRacers
  6. Top friends by slide.com
  7. SlideTV by Slide.com
  8. My Hangman
  9. iRead
  10. Flixter Movies
  11. ChakPak Movies
  12. Reading Social
  13. Bible Verses
  14. INdia Dekha
  15. Teen Patti
  16. Hangout
  17. BuboMe
  18. Music And Movies

But if you look at the list closely you find many applications resembling close to each other
Like we have 3 movies apps and 2 books apps.

so that should be avoided.

and i tested 3 apps till now
1) iRead – working fine with all features
2) Flixter Movies – Going smooth.
3) Music iLike – interface not opening on FF3 beta, hope it works on other’s

Well lets see what this leads to, if they can work properly then apps can realy make orkut a rocking place.


1) many of these apps are available on facebook, can the users import their data here,
2) what about generic site data. mean’s like for example some one has account at flixter can hi import data on orkut app.

for reference my orkut profile is

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facebook or orkut choice to be made

Today i was reading my RSS feeds and got this intresting article describing the status of social network’s in india.

The article  mainly states that orkut is still leading the India market and facebook (world no 2) is still no where to be close to orkut in India.

The reason for low usage of facebook in india is basically for few reason’s that i found while using facebook as well as orkut both.

1) orkut is more popular due to its straight forward approach, it offer’s limited features only.

2) most orkut user’s are just chat freaks and are their only for fun and time pass.

3) orkut captures a large crowd from college students who love to sneak and peak in others profile (got this point from one of the comment in the article above.)

4) facebook is a heavy site, specially if you have more then 30-40 apps installed, (mainly due to its AJAX style good for DSL connection but appears to be a pain in A** for the dialup users)

BUT there are a lot of reason’s which put facebook as my preference.

1) It provides privacy, more then what i can expect in orkut.

2)  with its app base used properly you can create a virtual  home for you in their, like i keep a tab of my movies as well as music with two apps flixter’s movie app and iLike app for facebook.

3) i am a social networker with my orkut profile reaching the 400 mark and my facebook profile now reaching close to 75, but still i prefer networking with people with whom i can interact and gain something from this interaction. and in this case i find facebook to be of much help.

Ex: i took an IQ test and now i can search for people with IQ level equal to me or greater then me, and then a simple message let me in.

4) Another great feature of facebook which many user’s in India are largely unaware of is photo tagging,by which you can tag each individual face on your pic collection with a name.

These are few of my finding’s

many people might disagree with me, and many might agree with me.

also for your references.

My orkut profile

My facebook profile


As per some comments on this post i am making a clarification here,

As per akhil’s comment

Privacy issue

1) well if you compare not able to check on other people’s profile without their permission is a hard head, then check it back on the critisim of facebook section, ther main concern is privacy only.

take for example email theft, any programmer with a bit of knowledge of data mining can get a lot more then just thousands of email id’s on orkut within few hours time coz mails are in plaintext format, compared to facebook which uses pic’s to show mail id.

regarding virtual home concept

2) well for the virtual home case, my point is our first network begin’s at our home and how we establish it by liking few and disliking few how his liking and disliking came in, they came by thier behaviour towards us or other’s as well as their liking and disliking.
In the same way facebook helps you to communicate with your friends circle not as a different id’s but as different person’s.

3) and for the privacy issue and regarding that article, that privacy concern is regarding the facebook owner’s side and not from the user’s point of view.
and to check some for the orkut side, check you orkut account and see that the ad’s displayed are content sensitive, (a google speciality), did you tried to guess how it comes from, and don’t you thing it is too easy for someone who stores your data to use it in what ever way he may like.


http://www.google-watch.org/krane.html : another good read out for those concerned with privacy.

On a side note, besides orkut or facebook,

now a days creating an online persona of yourself is not a big deal if you go with proper channel.
you can start with simple web site taking design help from this place. and if you wish to have an interactive site the best bet as of now is to go with blogging, when it comes to blogging you can start with a small web host plan from a reliable provider like bluehost. and when you thing you have got enough grip of the things and wish to expend more then you can have a dedicated server very easily, now a days if you wish to start blogging you can easily get your host set-up as well as complete site up and running with in half an hour time gap. but a word of caution before diving deep into the world of blogging please have a close look at this ACT CONCERNING ONLINE ADVERTISING AND PRIVACY.


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some blog updates

IF you might have noticed,

the left hand side has a new widget,

my google reader shared item’s are now accessible through my blog.

shifted the hosting so feedburner is now fully working.

most of my time these days was spent on my latest project’s including currently launched linux gurus forum

I hope to get some more time for blogging now.

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a fabulus tech day

well what can i say about this day of 25th feb,

a lot of tech events happened which can easily get any techno enthusiast get back to action

just the same  happened with me.

some of today’ highlight.

1) Pakistan’s attempt to block youtube resulting in worldwide downtime for youtube.

A simple quote i read some where said, if you can’t then don’t, this applies clearly on Pakistan’s tech team, whose action resulted in the complete blockage of the most popular video site for many hours.

2) Linkedin getting mobile version rolled out.

So finally a much awaited feature is out, with sites getting a lot of Jscript based, its getting increasingly uncomfortable to open them on mobiles hence  a good decesion.

3) EA sports bidding for take-two resulting in share hike for take-two

EA sports putted a unsolisatewd bid for take two interactives (GTA and tycoon famed, although it was put down quiockly by take two but it affected in a very good style to take-two with its shares soaring high. registering as high as 50% profit.

4) Adobe alunching AIR : an effort to bring some air for flash platform.

with constant treats from silverlight and AJAX, flash was getting some severe burns this could help in healing them also

5) Intel launcing its 8 core pc paltform

now this could be an attempt to compete with the new barcelona architectire and future paln’s announced few mothns ago by amd, as well as apple’s latest offering

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Book i read recently : Blogging for begineers

I recently brought a book thinking it might give me someips on how to improve blogging habbits, and boy i was not wrong to select Blogging for begineers : by Margaret stead.

This book is an amazing art, it starts with asking simplest question of all


and then moves on to show how you can find topics to blog on, also find the nich you could servive on.

and then it moves on to the all esential point, what are the advantages of blogging.

1) how you can monotize your blog

2) how your blog can help you get better oportunities.

3) and most important of all how can you keep our spirits high even when you think you are shouting in forest.

Technorati: blogging

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virtualization a new approach (repost)

To look at the options to provide a virtual machine to run windows on Linux.

i had multiple options

Complete virtualization (virtual machine)

1) Bochs (I have used it a few years back and found it good, but it only lacked a graphical configuration manager)

2) VMWARE (one of the best in terms of ease of use but i have to reject it in due to its licensing)

3) XEN (text on net says a lot about it but till now i am unable to establish a xen server what i want to do is to set a windows guest but i have not found an option for it till now.)

then a site came into view the screen shots seems quite impressive and so came the fourth option in my mind

4) innotek virtualbox (although its proprietary in its fullest, but a limited version is also released in GPL, and both versions are free for educational and not for commercial use.)

See more about the latest version of virtualbox here



5) Wine – a nice piece of software, till now i have been able to succesfully run

i) macromedia dreamweaver 8.0

ii) adobe photoshop cs2 tryout

iii) winzip, winrar and other compression tools

iv) AVR studio 4

v) WinAVR

vi) Boson Netsimulator

vii) need for speed II SE

viii) AVRlibs


Well i have been dieing to try my hands on those nice games available to me during the good old days of dos, which includes jazz jackrabbit and others which i was unable to on XP, even under compatibility mode.

This nifty utility is now installed on both my windows and Linux box and is helping me run those old applications which worked on dos only (or at most win98) environment.

NOTE : this article was publized on eulogik blog on 20th sep 2007, posting here, to collect at one place.

Technorati: virtualization linux debian

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roundup : year 2007

well so this last day of december marks the end of 2007.

so how about a roundup

on GNU / linux front

i think a lot is already covered in plugged.in

besides few morethings that needs attention are

release of Debian GNU / Linux 4.0

this release is the most waited release of the series coz it featured the firs t of its kind GUI installer which was running not on XORG but on framebuffer hence reducing the ram usage to bare 32MB’s as compared to min 128-256 of today’s distro’s

Debian made a point in the start to keep its o.s for lowest config as well as highest config,

still its apt-get system is best (yum tries to emulate it but is not that good when it comes to application base)

WE saw a lot of changes on indian O.S develoment front also with indian education centers like CDAC entered the O.S. market with the launch of B.O.S.S. (Bharat operating system solution). a custom debian distro, specially designed for indian people.


on web front a lot has changed

a lot of acquesition’s from search gaint google,

and then hotmail fame sabeer batia comming back in social networking bussiness with apnacircle, which does started out good with few prizes to offer but as offers’ gone so is the public, also his original charm was missing here and a lot of content seemed copied from either facebook or linkedin or orkut.

paypal started its virtual credit cardscheme corrently avialable t us only, but will expend soon.

linkedin added photo features and had some problems with its gmail contact setting (already covered on this blog)

on some perosnal fronts

got my name listed more prominently on google for both “anant shrivastava” “techno enthuiast”also got a premium listing in google for my full name.

got my paypal account move over 10$ limit, previous highest was 3$, in last 40 days of 2007 i have earned 25$. those who want to know how can contact me perosnally i am not going to go open mouth about it. it’s for the work which is technical for a lot.

hoping to get some good hosting service and some good domains also., currently i am looking to get hosting from 1and1 lets see what it finally translate into.

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