bootsplash a.k.a. Splashy on Debian

Tired of watching screens full of hardware releated info scrolling past during Startup and shutdown.

Welcome to the world of Splash Screen, Screenshots Here

In earlier stage bootsplash screen was configured throught a lot of kernel hacking and using it has a hell lot of hardwork including recompilling of kernel.

But the newest form SPLASHY in a userspace implementation of kernel so that it provides all the necessary features right at userspace.

In debian installing splashy is just a matter of few commands

1) IF you don’t have unstable repo’s in your source list then follow it otherwise skip to step 3

echo "deb unstable main contrib non-free" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
echo "deb-src unstable main contrib non-free" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

2) then apt-get update

3) last apt-get install splashy splashy-themes

After this what you need to is just one thing

open your menu.lst (/boot/grub/menu.lst)
and in the line with kernel value add these words at the end of that line

"vga=791 splash quiet"

Ex : – kernel /boot/vmlinuz ro root=/dev/hda8 ro vga=791 splash quiet

To run Splashy from initramfs you need to create a new initramfs image. An initramfs image is a little system that is

launched during the kernel’s initalization, before the system starts.

During Splashy’s installation Splashy sets everything up so you can get it integrated into initramfs whenever you wish by

just running a single command.

But first you must edit /etc/default/splashy and set ENABLE_INITRAMFS=1 so that Splashy will integrate itself into future initramfs images.

update-initramfs -u -t -k `uname -r`

then reboot and you will have a slashy desktop


All the themes are by defaults installed in /etc/splashy/themes

configuration for splashy is in/etc/splashy/config.xml

and configuration for respective themes is available in /etc/splash/themes/ in XML file format

some of the configuration’s that can be done include changing the colour theme as well as the progress bar size color

direction and image shown.


Once the theme is installed, just run splashy_config -s where name is the name of the theme

To get the complete list of all the splashy themes installed just type in

splashy_config --info

I hope this article will help you all.



while looking for webhosting either shared or dedicated hosting solution and web hosting providers i came across two sites which i wish to share with everyone. this web marketing association, they actually look at the possibility of business opportunity as well as seo on your website. while the second one is web marketing association award for linux hosted sites which made me feel proud about my decision (made 8 yrs ago) to start working in linux field…….

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Well this question is a long lasting question but a simple answer to this question is that the word LINUX doesn’t represent the whole operating system but it just describes a part of it [though a vital part] that is the kernel sub-system. most of the show that goes on over this kernel is through the GNU softwares and so the name GNU/LINUX in order to give proper credit to them also.

This is my humble request that those who favor me kindly start using the word GNU/LINUX instead of LINUX when talking about the whole operating system but use only and only LINUX when talking about the kernel.

© Copyright 2007, Anant Shrivastava.
Verbatim copying and distribution of the entire article is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved.

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Story of a hard core piracy lover turned a FLOSS evangelist

Let me first introduce myself

I am Anant Shrivastava a floss enthusiast and i am presenting here a story of my intro
and working with GNU/LINUX.


The story of my introduction to linux starts in 1998.
When i was in 7th standard i had a deep passion for computers
and the first computer magazine i bought was PCQuest
it was the gaming special :-), from this i got the information
that the next issue will cover LINUX.

Till that time i didn’t knew what it is and for the first time
i thought that it will be some kind of a new software and to my
utter disappointment it came to be as a operating system which
was of no use to me(which later became my first distro).
I read about it in the magazine and not even a single time a thought
like lets give it a try came in my mind.

This was my first interaction

Life continued monotonously with a big hole (what we generally call as WINDOWS).
The things started to change when i did a course on HARDWARE ASSEMBLY
(if i remember correctly P-II where latest at that time(Y2K) and P III was on its way to the market).
Their i got a hand on experience to install windows and other softwares off course not knowingly i was thought how to do piracy. Then i was deep in piracy for couple of months.
One day while cleaning my shelfs the copy of PCQUEST which i bought in 1998 came in my hands and in curiosity i started reading it, then i asked my friend that have they used
linux so far or not and what i got in reply was a big NO.

Being adventurous by nature and also after reading some more stuff on Linux i thought that “LETS GIVE IT A TRY”.

I was having an old 486 with 50MHz speed, i though that lets try on this pc and i installed it with the help of the installation guide (if i remember correctly it was RHL 5.2). One of the important reasons to install and use LINUX was that when ever i declared that i use LINUX many eyes were raised and many questions were asked and that was what i wanted (to be in the lime light). I never tried to learn about how to do all the works it was just a show peice
for me till that time (this situation changed soon).

In 2001 i laid my hands on RHL 8.0 and till than i was very much fed up with the piracy work i installed it on my latest pc giving out 10 GB’s of my memory and this time i concentrated on it for knowledge purpose, when i got a hint that it was build on net i searched on net and got to know a lot about the GNU, FLOSS and other such terms as well as the philospy. it is after reading all this throughly i moved on my path to be a FLOSS PRIEST. to be frank till now all what i have learned is through my self practice. after successfully running GNU/LINUX
(now i knew correct word is GNU/LINUX and not LINUX) i helped about 10 of my friend in the 2003 to start of their working on LINUX. Then a thought came in my mind to give some thing back to the society which has given me so much from that time onwards till now when i am writing this story
i have helped about 50-75 persons to switch over to GNU/LINUX and also have helped many others to solve their problems related to installation and peripheral configuration. in the past two years i concentrated my self on the installation and peripheral configuration as i saw it as a big hurdle in the path of switch over. then i joined my local glug and worked to spread the word of FLOSS in the community.
this is how it all begin and till now their is no looking back.

i hope this story will help some one to switch over and be part of FLOSS community.

© Copyright 2007, Anant Shrivastava.
Verbatim copying and distribution of the entire article is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved.

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Harry Potter 7 review (spoiler)

Harry potter 7 was a mix of reactions for me as well as for many others.

Things i already doubted ranged from planed death of of Dumboldore to HARRY being the seventh Horcroux.

Things i least expected included, Elder Wand being mastered by Harry at last, and The act of Snape to save Lilly.

Overall i have still left a lot of stones unturned so you should not feel sorry about reading this post and being spoiled.

And yes non of the trio member (harry ron hermione) dies. but a lot do die and thats the most sad part of it.

Overall The ending came as it was deserved.

And yes last portion is a fast forward 19 years after in Ekta Kapoor’s Style leaving no chance of any sequel and then and there we see child’s of harry.

harry potter

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Harry Potter 7 finished

At last i was able to get my hands on the scaned copy of HP on the day it got released.
Now as i am writing this post, i feel contented that i have finished it now.

although i personally feel the best book was book 5 : order of the phoenix

But this book also was one i was waiting for a long time and i must admit that it has elevated my
expectations due to long delay but at the same time the expectation’s were met with if not higher
then at least same standards.

There had been a lot of killing in this part and it was unavoidable due to the prospect of the subject matter this book has to deal with.

Will write more as and when i get time. feeling sleepy now. (it has been nearly 24hrs since i have had a trouble free sleep.)

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Compiz Up and running in Debian

I finally was able to successful run compiz on debian based PC.

A lot of work has to be done on Debian to make it stand up in front of REDHAT. but even without those enhancements, It is a lot more better then redhat and other rpm based ones in terms of its support on packages both online and off line.

In order to configure COMPIZ Help taken from

Befor starting to act on the below listed steps, you should know about the basic requirement of the compiz manager, The bare minimum is 3D capable Graphic’s card and atleast 512 MB of ram.

The simple procedure is as follows

Install Compiz using apt-get

#apt-get install compiz

this will install compiz along with its dependencies

now you need to manually perform some steps in the file : /etc/X11/xorg.conf

then added these two lines under the “Screen” section :

Option “XAANoOffscreenPixmaps”
Option “AddARGBGLXVisuals” “true”

then added these lines under “Device” :

Option “AllowGLXWithComposite” “true”
Option “RenderAccel” “true”

added one line under “Server Layout” :

Option “AIGLX” “on”

Finally at the end of the file I added these lines :

Section “Extensions”
Option “Composite” “Enable”

After making the following chages with your fav. text editor

Add “compiz –replace” to “Desktop -> Preferences -> Sessions -> Startup Programs”.

Now restart the Xserver, Better is to restart the whole system.

After you login you will directly be in a compizified environment.


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Harry Potter 7 released

Yes Harry potter 7 is released finally,

The Fan sites are filled with contradicting spoilers.

My suggestions to all is do not read the spoilers coz they will not only actually spoil your interest but will also make you confused.

Don’t think that i am going to open up any spoiler.

I am going to wait for few days in order to get my hands on it, and give you all a proper review.


harry potter

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HELLO (My First Post)

Hello everyone,

first of all thanks for dropping down at my blog.

Today after so many people have told me and also persuaded me, I finally decided to start a blog.

This blog will act as a my daily journal containing

1) my professional world related stuff.
2) my adventures (real and virtual (computer) world)

I will also share my thoughts and beliefs with the world on various ambiguous topics also.

Anant Shrivastava

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