Plain Text Pages/Posts in WordPress

While experimenting with WordPress i was tasked with a situation where i am suppose to present some static text content on the website. However uploading a text file was out of question and the author wanted to keep everything controlled inside WordPress.

So i created a simple text only theme template for him and this combined with the plugin allowing custom permalinks provide us with options of having a custom name and still showing the WordPress page as static text only page.

Template Page is available online at :

Source Code for viewing pleasure.

* This templete will show all content as text only. in order to retain text only post while you save text in wordpress editor i would suggest add the text inside <pre></pre> tag
* the below code will remove any html / php tag that it will find in content and will only display the textual part of the file.
header('Content-type: text/plain'); 
 * Template Name: content text only
 * Description: Only Post content text only
 * @package WordPress 
if (have_posts()) : 
	while (have_posts()) : the_post(); 
		echo $cnt;
	endwhile; // end of the loop. 

P.S. I suspect there might be better ways of dealing with this situation but my limited google skills didn’t provided a result in first 5 minutes so instead i spend 2 minutes on crafting this. If you do know a better way then feel free to suggest it via comments.

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