Ubuntu Mate, Presentors and Zoom

So i do a lot of presentations and some of the most important tools in a arsenal of a presentor are the clickers and zoom tools

with Ubuntu Mate i have been struggling to find the right tool. so i ended up doing a small hack.

I use logitech spotlight clicker for my presentations, on mac and windows it has a lot of fancy features but in linux there is only one option.

This provides a lot of functionalities. but a simple option stuck me. the option to test the setup

This button allows me to test the setup. I found that this can be controlled via commandline, so i setup following as my key shortcuts

KeyCode: Windows+M
Title: Start Magnification
command: projecteur -c spot=on

KeyCode: Windows+N
Title: Stop Magnification
command: projecteur -c spot=off

This is not without its own drawbacks (when zoomed there is no screenupdate registered, and alt tab etc are not registered and compositor is a must) however it works and for now thats more then enough for me.

note: article originally published on now defunct :

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