Re-launching Codevigilant

So i talked about relaunching a project using Hugo in my last blog post. today I’m happy to announce that we have relaunched CodeVigilant. This project took a lot of my time and efforts, but I was not alone in the efforts, Aarushi Koolwal helped me with the entire process.

We setout to replace the backend framework from wordpress to Hugo without changing visuals and preserving as many links as we can. Initially, it looked like a straightforward task, but Hugo has its own quirks. I think the major time we have spent was not in the data reporting, but in getting the old stuff to work properly. Today I can see we are happy with the results and hence the website is back live.

We needed to start from step 0. That was the porting of the website. Next step is to restart public disclosures. Stay tuned for the next few days and I will update everyone with more details.

Some decisions that were made along the way.

  1. We got rid of a1, a3, a9, a10 markers from the URL structure and keep consistent categories. This brought a conundrum to ensure all of our links were working, even if they were referencing older structure. We leveraged hugo aliases to ensure that.

  2. We added details for each category, and these details now show about the vulnerability and give details about disclosed vulnerabilities from that category.

  3. We added finder details as of now this has mine and prajal’s details but will add more than we restart efforts.

  4. We also have now started listing the level of access required to perform the attacks.

Now for the bigger and more hard working task. Next blog post around code vigilant will be for disclosures before we put things out.



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