Reality Check

Are we living in a real world?

Are we real?

These are some questions that pop in our head time and again and specially if we watch classics like Matrix, or Inception.

So lets evaluate the situation here (wemight need a lot of imagination)

We live in a world which we know in-terms of a 3 Dimensions (height width and breadth) and recently we have started to think about the 4th Dimension Time also. How ever we have people intelligent enough to fully understand the string theory and also the concept of 11 Dimensions of the universe. So lets say we live in a world of 11 Dimensions.

Now a simple question to anyone who actually make it so far reading such a boring article.

Have you played any game specially games like Sims or Warcraft, or let it be any Simulation, strategy or FPS.
IF you have played the game do you realise the whole game is played inside a simulated environment in short we create a 3D envionment right in front of our eyes on a simple 2D screen, in which objects interact with the game characteer.
Those who have understood where i am leading this will be laughing by now. for rest think it this way.

We all are game characters exploring the 11 Dimension world of ours which is created by a inteligent being and they might be watching all of us every single second on their own 2D screen. and here 2D will mean 2 dimensions of the upper world.

Now lets combine the phenominon show in Inception. and lets have another imaginative example.

Someone some where Created a game which has build in AI and have let the game expand so far. the game by itself created objects in its universe like stars galaxies and other stuff then game generated Human like structures through a proper evolution cycle.(which we are studingright now) next these Inteligent cratures built another AI based system which was capable of creating a self sustaining environment and then again the whole story repeats.
consider ourselfs at level 3 or more deep of this scenario, and now a days we are building intelligent games which let its players act simmilar to normal human being.

so for math freaks a simple calculation

3D game by our generation takes 2D space on our 11 D world which might be taking another 2D space from 11D (if this actually is the limitation at one higher level). and then again those 11D compressed in a 2D screen in an 11D world.

Hope this adds more to the existing confusion.
if it does then my inception has worked sucessfully.

Waiting for your opinion.

Publication Notes:
* First publication: between Jan 2010 – Aug 2010 : Internal Magazine at Techmahindra
* Second Publication: 24 August 2010 at 23:25 at Facebook Notes
* Third Publication: ramblingthinker blog

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