roundup : year 2007

well so this last day of december marks the end of 2007.

so how about a roundup

on GNU / linux front

i think a lot is already covered in

besides few morethings that needs attention are

release of Debian GNU / Linux 4.0

this release is the most waited release of the series coz it featured the firs t of its kind GUI installer which was running not on XORG but on framebuffer hence reducing the ram usage to bare 32MB’s as compared to min 128-256 of today’s distro’s

Debian made a point in the start to keep its o.s for lowest config as well as highest config,

still its apt-get system is best (yum tries to emulate it but is not that good when it comes to application base)

WE saw a lot of changes on indian O.S develoment front also with indian education centers like CDAC entered the O.S. market with the launch of B.O.S.S. (Bharat operating system solution). a custom debian distro, specially designed for indian people.


on web front a lot has changed

a lot of acquesition’s from search gaint google,

and then hotmail fame sabeer batia comming back in social networking bussiness with apnacircle, which does started out good with few prizes to offer but as offers’ gone so is the public, also his original charm was missing here and a lot of content seemed copied from either facebook or linkedin or orkut.

paypal started its virtual credit cardscheme corrently avialable t us only, but will expend soon.

linkedin added photo features and had some problems with its gmail contact setting (already covered on this blog)

on some perosnal fronts

got my name listed more prominently on google for both “anant shrivastava” “techno enthuiast”also got a premium listing in google for my full name.

got my paypal account move over 10$ limit, previous highest was 3$, in last 40 days of 2007 i have earned 25$. those who want to know how can contact me perosnally i am not going to go open mouth about it. it’s for the work which is technical for a lot.

hoping to get some good hosting service and some good domains also., currently i am looking to get hosting from 1and1 lets see what it finally translate into.

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  1. Hi Anant, great site. I wish I could design a site like yours. Btw, thanks for pointing out about the BOSS OS. I completely missed that one.

  2. Hi Anant,

    wassup, well would like to know about Paypal.. do get back in touch.. or you can mail details on my email.

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