Standalone Perl on Android

In simmilar lines to standalone python this is the code that could be used for running standalone perl applications.

This script again tries to address some very basic issues.

1) non availability of direct perl calling mechanism while using terminal emulator.

2) Environmental limitations.

3) you can’t pass command-line arguments.

Script enclosed Here

#License: GPLv2 or later
#License URI:
cd $PW
export PERL5LIB="/sdcard/haxdroid/perllib"
/data/data/com.googlecode.perlforandroid/files/perl/perl "$@"

this script allows for following things

1) allow us to use this shell script to call perl directly.

2) allows for command line argument passing.

3) relative path references are now working


I have named this script as py and placed it in /system/bin/pl location

so basically copying this script in a text file say pl.txt

adb push pl.txt /system/bin/pl

adb shell chmod 04755 /system/bin/pl


As always this depends on perl4aandroid project for running properly, you can download from here

2 thoughts on “Standalone Perl on Android”

  1. Hi Anant, where did you get this from:

    export PERL5LIB=”/sdcard/haxdroid/perllib”
    /data/data/com.googlecode.perlforandroid/files/perl/perl “$@”

    I can’t find the string “haxdroid” anywhere in the source code.

    Also, should this work if you just unzipped “” and copy it to your sdcard, if you changed the above path to where you copied it to? Or is the APK exporting more ENV’s so Perl can be called on the command line?


    1. Hi Dan,
      check your mail for more details.
      in short HaXdroiD is my pet project.
      and this script you just need to do default installation for perl4android and use this script to get shell access.

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