Harry Potter 7 finished

At last i was able to get my hands on the scaned copy of HP on the day it got released.
Now as i am writing this post, i feel contented that i have finished it now.

although i personally feel the best book was book 5 : order of the phoenix

But this book also was one i was waiting for a long time and i must admit that it has elevated my
expectations due to long delay but at the same time the expectation’s were met with if not higher
then at least same standards.

There had been a lot of killing in this part and it was unavoidable due to the prospect of the subject matter this book has to deal with.

Will write more as and when i get time. feeling sleepy now. (it has been nearly 24hrs since i have had a trouble free sleep.)

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Harry Potter 7 released

Yes Harry potter 7 is released finally,

The Fan sites are filled with contradicting spoilers.

My suggestions to all is do not read the spoilers coz they will not only actually spoil your interest but will also make you confused.

Don’t think that i am going to open up any spoiler.

I am going to wait for few days in order to get my hands on it, and give you all a proper review.


harry potter

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