Debian 5 :- installation

so lets begin with the installation Recently i have upgraded my internet connection from 64Kbps to huge 256Kbps (although it doesn’t sounds too much but guess what for a person working on 64Kbps for 2yrs this is a 400% increment. ) with this change in my side i thought ok lets download the net-install disk …

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roundup : year 2007

well so this last day of december marks the end of 2007. so how about a roundup on GNU / linux front i think a lot is already covered in besides few morethings that needs attention are release of Debian GNU / Linux 4.0 this release is the most waited release of the series …

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Harry Potter 7 review (spoiler)

Harry potter 7 was a mix of reactions for me as well as for many others. Things i already doubted ranged from planed death of of Dumboldore to HARRY being the seventh Horcroux. Things i least expected included, Elder Wand being mastered by Harry at last, and The act of Snape to save Lilly. Overall …

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