tips and tricks for debian newbies

1) vi is not working as expected, then please use vim, also if you wish to have context highlighting then remove “vim-tiny” and install “vim” and uncomment “syntax on” from /etc/vim/vimrc.

2) if you install wine the instead of trying to setup the environment on your own try wine-doors. (wine-tools is also a good tool but is now getting older and is unmaintained now also it seems to break a lot.)

3) you can try ies4linux to install ie6 its better then any thing.

4) to install MSI installer based apps use “msiexec /i”

5) to get color coded listing in shell uncomment the following line or add the following line in ~/.bashrc

alias ls=’ls –color=auto’
alias dir=’ls –color=auto –format=vertical’
alias vdir=’ls –color=auto –format=long’

6) if you try to unmount any device and its says device busy. then you have two options

a) umount -l <device_name>

b) for the second option you can check here

more tips to follow soon…………

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