Ubuntu Lucid on Xperia X10

I have been working on using any Linux Distribution on my handset (SE Xperia X10) and finally i have suceeded.

I have posted all the details in a nice manner on XDA Developer forum and would prefer getting bug reports and suggestions in their.

XDA DEVELOPERS Forum : Ubuntu Lucid CHROOT: updated scripts

CLI : command prompt at its best.

GUI on Xperia : LXDE

8 thoughts on “Ubuntu Lucid on Xperia X10”

  1. nicely done… 🙂 cheers ~ I also own XperiaX10, but for some time gotta have some Android Adventure ~ once done, gonna do it

  2. try arch linux [arm],, its capable of running on slow phones with 600 mhz processor[company set]. tried on galaxy 5 gt-15500/3

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